HominySnark (hominysnark) wrote,

Debby Does ... well, Florida. Also, Feldmans!

Despite getting over a foot of rain on Sunday and having the crepe myrtle blossoms beaten entirely off by the wind, we weathered (see what I did thar?) Debby pretty well. Lots of folks in other counties got flooded and a couple of people died, so we got off pretty lucky, all things considered.

Parents are doing well.

I'm doing well.

So I was having a lovely chat with pjthompson the other day, and I tried to explain my aging thought processes to her, so I thought I'd share with the rest of you. You remember that massively vast warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark? That's how I picture my brain. Everything I've ever learned, every experience I've ever had, is all there somewhere, packed away neatly in a crate.

My particular warehouse is staffed exclusively by little men who all look just like Marty Feldman. Whenever I need to retrieve something from one of the crates, the Feldmans spring into action, racing around until they find what I need. Generally, they're very quick and responsive, but not always. You see, as my brain ages, I just keep adding more crates, but the number of Feldmans remains constant. So it takes them all a little bit longer to get the job done, especially if I need something from a crate that's been packed away for years.

Sometimes I feel sorry for my Feldmans, but I do love the little dudes.

And now for something completely gratuitous:

Mmmm, pretty.
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