HominySnark (hominysnark) wrote,

In which there is pain and suffering

Following the long-held Clardy tradition of falling on one's ass, I managed to fall Saturday morning. But, wanting to put my own spin on it, apparently, I did not fall on my ass.

I fell on my face.

Every morning, I get up pre-dawn crack and walk 3 miles on the Pinellas Trail a stretch of which is conveniently about a block from the house. Saturday morning, I got about 10 minutes into it, got distracted by my iPhone seizing, took a wrong step and went down. Glasses went flying, phone went flying, ow, ow, OW.

Sat up, determined nothing was broken, found my glasses (also not broken) and the phone (not only not broken, but cured of its seizures) and limped back to the house. Huge patch of road rash on my left knee, twisted my right ankle a wee bit, my face ... well, my face was all bleedy and gross and whatnot.

Called my friend Sean, who is a)one hell of a good guy and b)a nurse! and he did many wonderful things for me, including the careful placement of the butterfly closures above.

No permanent damage, likely no permanent scarring (although I have my "sabre cut to the face whilst battling pirates" story ready for those who ask while it's healing) and I'll probably be back on the Trail again tomorrow morning.

And I will be paying very close attention to where I'm putting my feet. Believe me.
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